15 August 2015

Futbol Folly - 27 JUL 2015

27 JULY 2015

Hey Mom!

We're getting there with everyone, Elder Lyman just had a baptism in his area and "L" ended up going and it made him excited to be baptized! We know he will too. "M" has been feeling pretty sick recently so she couldn't really do much this week, we know she will be baptized too, its just a matter of when her health will allow her to do it. We gave her a blessing already a while back and it helped but we are still praying for that. "W" couldn't go to church (I think for work) but we are still working hard!

This week too there were a TON of kids this week playing futbol! it was super fun and it is going to help out with investigaters! I did end up getting tripped (accidentally) and fell and got a little scrapped up. Everyone thought I died though hahaha. I just ended up landing how I would for a baseball dive and I was good, I've had much worse haha.

I can't really think of many events super unique.. well we did have to eat lunch in the church Saturday with only our hands, so that was fun. We were over there cleaning all morning (Elder Lopez, a member, and I) so it was a little tiring but the baptism went well and like I said, "L" told us, "Voy a bautizarme" so you could say that was a success haha.

To answer a few of your questions, we don't go to the temple on this mission :/ the closest ones are in Chile or Buenos Aires. The members are actually planning a trip in September to the one in Chile. Its helped me to appreciate the temple for sure, because these people practically can't go to the temple and really, we could go whenever we wanted. It just helps to put it into perspective.

I'll take pictures like that if you want too haha a lot of the time I just don't know what kind of things you would want to see, because I don't think of stuff like that but I'm down! I love you Mom and I hope you have a great week! Stay safe! and ill talk to you next week!

Thanks Dad for the scripture, I'm trying to keep positive like always so hopefully we will have some baptism fotos to send this week! Pray for "M" to have better health and that "L" can forget his doubts; they are close but it always helps haha.

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