28 June 2015

Missionary Moment - 22 JUN 2015

22 JUN 2015

Hey Mom!

My goodness, what is happening to my family back home! haha I can't believe all that news... crazy haha. Don't you guys know that time is supposed to stop while I'm on the mission haha. Anyway this week has been good, We have had a few good lessons but we are still struggling to get them to go to church! (which is kind of important :P) We did have one really cool experience though.

There is one member named Hmna Carrasco and she has been a member for a long time, her son went on a mission and she knows the church is true but she has had a lot of doubts lately. So the other day we went to visit her and she started talking to us about tithing.. She said it wasn't right to "shut the doors of the temple" on the people who can't pay tithing. (She did pay but now doesn't because "she can't afford it") so we were trying to tell her that the reason its that way isn't because they aren't paying the church, but its because they are not obeying a commandment. She was just not getting it and my comp was getting frustrated because she basically wasn't listening and we were talking in circles (her son was also helping us out, but getting frustrated too) and so I just waited for an opening and I said, "Can I share something?" and I opened to 3 Nephi 13:31-33. We read it and she started to cry, I explained that the temple is for the people who keep all of the commandments and we go to church so we can be prepared to go to the temple. She told us that she undersands now and she said that what she felt in that moment washed away all the doubts she had and she wants to start doing everything. She said that we are special people, and she went to church yesterday.

That was the highlight of the week, we are going to keep working with her and Elder Lopez and I both thought that she would be active again when we left her house.

Not all success is in the font.

I love you Mom thanks for keeping me filled in on everything, my brothers are a little slower to tell me stuff haha. Happy late birthday, have a good week! I'll talk to you next week.

Hey Dad!

HAPPY FATHERS DAY! One thing I have noticed while on the mission is what prepares you to be a father. A lot of the lessons you learn while serving (temporal and spiritual) seem to fit in to fatherhood a little too perfectly haha. It is interesting to think about...

I dont know if I will believe it about Curtis going on a mission until he gets his call haha. That is just too weird. You guys are just doing so much stuff now its crazy. Mom has been keeping me posted too haha. It sounds like the Bramell's are as busy as usual haha.

I have my camera but no new investigators, the success of this week has been helping out one less active member, I told mom about it, its kind of a long story but its good. I understand that not all success is in the baptisms, but it helps when you actually have another type of success haha. We are working hard though.

By the end of this transfer I will have 8 1/2 months, its strange how that works haha, The mission is getting a lot smaller though, so it may be a while until I train someone. Like you guys saw, only 3 new missionaries arrived this last transfer and I think its going to be the same this transfer (with more than 20 other missionaries LEAVING). So we will definitely see some change haha. I'm excited for what the future holds though, as always I'm being positive but I'm serious too. haha

I love you Dad, I hope you guys have an awesome time in Trek, I know you'll be awesome parents (because you already are) I'll write you next week!

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