17 August 2015

First Baptism! - 17 AUG 2015

17 AUG 2015

Hey Guys!

Alright so I have had a super better week, the truth is, I don't remember much of what we did day by day, but I'll try my best..

So one important thing that did happen was our last district meeting. In those meetings we always talk about the scriptures, or a talk, then about all of our investigators. So this was the first district meeting of the transfer, and every transfer has a "Noche Blanca" or "White Night" where we try to baptize a bunch of people in one day. So Presidente told us that every companionship can baptize 2 people on the 29th of this month, which would mean, 175 baptisms this month! And we are going to do it!

So our district is a lot smaller now, but we do a call every night and morning to stay animated for the work and its helping a ton, our district planned 15 baptisms but we're not focused on the number, solo bautismos no mas haha.
Darren's District - Most were transferred last week
Then I'll skip some details to make it a bit more dramatic haha, so our lessons with "L" are still going good, we think "M" is still in Neuquen but we are going to stop by today just in case, and "W" is keeping going as well haha.

Then it comes to this Saturday...

We had been busy all week, because we had a very important day planned Saturday....."L" was baptized!!!!!!!!  I don't exactly have pictures, its kind of a long story but guess who was the one to baptize him..? That's right, your very own Elder Bramell haha!

It was definitely unique.  A decent amount of people showed up, (including "W"!) but that made "L" super nervous so the ZLs told everyone he wanted to do it without people watching so everyone just waited in the Cultural Hall. So it was me doing the ordinance and Elder Lopez (who confirmed him the next day) and the ZLs as witnesses.  It was super awesome! He was definitely different coming up out of that really cold water haha. But yeah, that's the great news! 

Yesterday we had an incredibly spiritual Zone conference too about baptizing everyone and I haven't felt the spirit THAT strong in a long time. They had us talk about our experience Saturday and after I finished talking one of the assistants said, "These two have the vision to baptize".  He told us later that Presidente felt good about leaving Elder Lopez here with me for another transfer and I know its because we are going to baptize more people here in Roca. We are going to be the missionaries these people will need.

I've felt so good this week with everything and I know we are going to reach that goal of 175 people.

Thats my report for this week, i hope you guys are still all doing well and i want you to know that I love you all! I'll talk to you next week!

Some Pictures of Darren's living quarters...

This is home -  Darren's "pension" or apartment
Sweet security door

Looking outside of Darren's pension

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