16 December 2015

Transferred to Plottier, Goodbye to Roca - 15 DEC 2015

Hey Everyone!

So this week all my stories are just about visiting people because, I am sitting in a ciber in my new area in...Neuquen again :P haha I am in the area of Plottier, America and my new companion is Elder Coyle!! From Lodi, California haha. So I'm pretty pumped!

It was really sad though to say goodbye.  My last day in Roca I gave my testimony in sacrament meeting and it felt so crazy! We ended up visiting 3 families on Sunday, the familia Muñoz, Epullan, y Caram.

We had lunch with the Familia Muñoz and I shared a scripture at the end and was just thanking them for everything. They have a son named, Misaiel who just got the priesthood that day. I was wearing my grey suit with the vest, so at the end I took it off and gave it to him. Then the hermana and abuela were crying and thanking me and the kid gave me a big hug, it was a really good parting.

We then visited the Familia Epullan and we were there for a while. They all drew me picture and were writing me letters. At the end, I said the prayer and the hermana started crying. She told me that I mean a lot to them and that I'm part of their family. In the hermanas letter, she opened up to me about something in her life and thanked me. It was super rough to say goodbye to the girls like Aimé and Luciana.

Then of course I ended at the Familia Carams. We were all laughing and joking. They wrote me and took pictures and it was so nice, all theses people mean a lot to me and they said the same so I'm glad I was there at least for them.

But, I'm really excited to be here, There is a lot waiting for me here I can tell.  I'll send fotos next week.  I love you all, and talk to you later!!

Elder Darren Bramell

12 December 2015

Transfers are Coming - 07 DEC 2015

7 DEC 2015

Hi Everyone!

Umm so really this week has been a bunch of meetings spread throughout the week. This week was stake conference too so we've been in our suits a lot of the week haha, Presidente came also and gave us our interviews and that was interesting!

I'll get back to the interviews because after that I'd say the biggest success we had this week was teaching "R" and "F" again!

We didn't have a lot of time to get in a full lesson but we did manage to show a video and talk a lot about our beliefs and things like that. When we got there "F" actually told us that she got engaged that day and we met her boyfriend too and he listened to the lesson! "R" said one of her dreams is to get married and start a family and we can definitely see the most interest from her. The only down side is that "M" left for somewhere and "F" is headed home for vacations (their finals are this week) But we have high hopes for "R".

So with the interviews it was kind of out of nowhere but it went well! The only thing is I was kind of hoping to stay here a little longer for Christmas but Presidente told me I'm probably headed out :P sooooo so much for that haha I'm still excited though.

Stake conference was also really well! They talked a lot about the story of Peter when the Lord asked him three times "do you love me" which I think is a good topic. It went well and a lot of people showed so it was nice!

Anyway I hope you all have a good week and that you start getting into the Christmas spirit, it's just the best part of the year! I love you guys!