08 February 2016

The Shirt or "Suit" Off His Back - 8 FEB 2016

8 FEB 2016

Hey everyone! So this week the biggest news was that we finally had our meeting with Presidente Casariego haha. It was really good, he focused a lot on bringing investigators to church. He put as part of "el estandarte de la mission" (the goal for each week as a missionary) that we have / investigaters in church EVERY week! Which will require a lot of work but it makes sense because if they never go to church they will never progress enough to get baptized. So were going to focus a lot more on doing that and staying organized enough to be able to accomplish it. So thats been our focus this week, find more people so we can bring more people to church.

We actually did find one family recently. Bishop gave us a reference for a less active family. so a couple days later we were able to pass by and when we knocked the door, the wife said, "Hola
Service project with local members
Elderes, we've been waiting for your visit, pasen!" (in a little spanglish) and we found the husband, "D". He had a big bandage over his head and a couple over his arm. It turned out that a few days before we came, their family got in a car accident and "D"got ejected out of the car.  Miraculously he lived and was the only one hurt. But talk about being inspired to visit someone at the right time! Plus they have two kids, and the younger daughter is not baptized! We have a noche de hogar (family home evening) with them today!

And to end with one more story, so "M" has been helping us out a lot recently, but he went to church every week in normal clothes. He wanted to have church clothes together before he went. He had a suit but when he tried it on, it was way too small for him. So, I tried on the coat and it was slim on me but it fit, so I decided to give him my suit for his. It is a grey suit too so on Sunday I brought him my suit and I wore his.  I will admit, the pants on me are kind of tight haha but the suit fit perfectly on "M"! It was so cool! he gets the Melchizedek priesthood in April and were getting him ready for the mission. That was super cool. I'll send fotos next week!

Well, I love you all and I hope you have a great week!

Lunch with a local family

01 February 2016

"Teach Repentance, Baptize Converts" - 25 JAN 2016

25 JAN 2016

Hey everyone!

First things first, I can't send fotos again because I left my camera in Plottier and I am in Neuquen for transfers!! Don't worry I'm staying here in América, but Elder Coyle se va! And my new comp is coming from Esquel in the south, so he wont be here until late :P  His name is Elder Aquilera from Chile, he's got 6 months.

This has been a long but good week, I'll get you all caught up on this area.

So first off I need to tell you all about MJD. He is this 20 year old guy that the other Elders found before heading back home. He was baptized when he was about 16 but went inactive after a year. We started to pass by and visit him. He decided he wants to serve a mission and he stopped smoking. He asked us to give him a blessing for his anxiety problems and he said, "I know it will work" and it did! He told us he doesn't even need the medicine he used to take to help him out! He's an incredible guy!

So as MJD has been going back to church, he has been bringing his niece and nephew with him and now they have a fecha (date) for this week! All we need is both of their parents to give permission. The only other problem is that their mom lives in the boundaries of the other ward but their dad (MJD's brother) lives here within ours. But were still going to do all we can! They are the closest for right now!

We had a really cool transmission this past week for ALL missionaries where a few of the apostles spoke to us and it was really spiritual and interesting. They made sure that we know what our purpose is, "Teach repentance, and baptize converts". They asked us to focus on the Savior and how HE is our message, of course we teach about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, but the most important lesson we have is that we have a heavenly brother named Jesus Christ, who understands each and every one of us perfectly. Not only does he know us, but he died and suffered just so we can live with our own families together forever; to literally live happily ever after. All we have to do is repent and turn our lives over to Him. And then we are baptized. Thats why there are missionaries, thats why me and my brother Curtis are far from home teaching of Him. And I know He lives, and that He loves us all no matter what. I love you all too and I'll talk to you soon.

P.S. next week, sí o sí I will send fotos!! haha