15 August 2015

A Rough Week with a Silver Lining - 10 AUG 2015

10 AUG 2015

Hey Mom and Dad!

The truth is, this week there isn't good news. This week has been super stressful, but reading Curtis' letter has just made my week better and I just feel super motivated. So I'll explain how things went...

So the last P-day was supposed to be the zone p-day at the Valle de la Luna but all the rides canceled on us so some went to the zoo and others played board games. Tuesday "L" canceled on us so we didn't end up seeing him, AND "M" called us and said she didn't feel good about the last interview because she felt pressured a bit (She didn't understand why we had to do it again with Elder Lyman) and so she said she didn't want to get baptized this week either. Also she is going to Neuquen for a week to spend time with her family. Wednesday we started visiting people to say goodbye because transfers are today, but I wasn't feeling too good all day. Then at like 7:00 I got a super bad fever so a member Leo brought me medicine, and my companion gave me a blessing but I was in bed all day the next day. That morning the other Elders came over to go on splits to visit "L" and he canceled on us again.. so they visited "W" and he was chewing tobacco.... that was Thursday. Friday we didn't do anything important except take out t-shirts for the 2 elders headed home. There was a dinner activity in the ward but they finished cooking at 9:30 so we just stopped by for a few minutes. Saturday it was raining a ton so we were doing stuff in the pension all morning. We did visit a small canyon type place, but it was full of trash. Then Sunday we had church and we visited a few more families for the last day of the transfer. So basically we did not do much all week and that's why we didn't have baptisms.....

I was feeling this way all week and I was just extremely frustrated because I know its my fault too for not being firmer, but I was just trying to finish the transfer. Its nothing to do with my companion, its just that in San Lorenzo we worked hard and nothing much happened, then here we haven't worked as hard when we have really good potential. We aren't trucho (trunky) or anything but there are things we could be doing better. So I prayed saying I know I didn't handle this challenge well but that I was ready for the next one... Then transfers were announced...

Almost all the zone changed, 2 areas closed, Universitario C which is de Elder Loayza y Saldivar, and the other in Cervantes, Elder Lyman's area. (He's going to Bariloche) As far as my changes.. I'm still here in Roca.. and I'm still with Elder Lopez. This will be our 3rd transfer together. It was the answer to me that God was saying, "You haven't passed this trial, go baptize these people that I have led you to, and be the missionary I know you can be." then today I read about Curtis getting his call and I know he will be an awesome missionary, and I want to be that awesome missionary you guys expect me to be. 

This transfer will be different, I can already tell. I forgot my camera today too so I'll send pictures soon. I love you guys and I'll talk to you next week!

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