30 September 2015

Still Working - 31 AUG 2015

31 AUG 2015

Hey guys!

This has been another busy week for us!

Mainly what we've been doing is helping "X" out, we got him to talk with the bishop and we are starting to help him get organized.  One thing we did teach him though is the reason his life is hard right now is because he's not being obedient to the covenant he made.  He accepted it really well though and we're working with him to stop`smoking still, he's started to pick it up again so were helping out.

Other than that we visited "Y" a lot this week we we're trying to prepare him for this last Noche Blanca (along with all the other missionaries with their investigators) and the truth is, I was super stressed out, I didn't know how we were going to do it.  On the day off we were trying to fix the drain to the pila and I didn't realize until this weekend that we all really did our part and there were 0 of the 8 baptisms this week. I realized that if the Lord wanted them to be baptized they would have been... so we still have more work to do! We put a new fecha with "X" in 2 weeks, the 12th!

"Z" recently went back to Neuquen again but she told us she still wants to talk to us so we were super excited to hear that! Also the other day we were contacting (the day of the foto i sent with the chicken) and we talked to a guy in his house and before we talked I saw him and thought... "We should invite him to fútbol on Wednesday" so we did and he came and he's super cool! He has to be like 25 or something but we are going to go start teaching his family too!

In other news we just went to a wedding this morning! This week our ward goes to the temple so they are gong to get sealed too! Unfortunately we don't get to go but still its cool! We just will have to cook our lunch this week haha

Well,  I guess the big news from this week would just be that, I already know we will have more baptisms and I'm pumped! Haha I love you all and I'll talk to you soon!

Elder Bramell and a resident chicken

Public Art in General Roca

Fixing a plugged baptismal font with a stick and a dinner fork...hmm

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