28 June 2015

"I came out to serve" - 25 May 2015

25 May 2015

Hey Dad!

My first week has been really good! We've been busy finding new people and we are very excited about a few particulars. As far as the Spanish, I can understand everything and can talk fine. When I speak its a bit broken but my vocabulary is definitely expanding. Geographically it is definitely a lot nicer here, that canal you saw is across the street from the pension, so if you find the capilla we are literally three minutes away but we work in a part northeast of the church. It is good! There are still a lot of dogs but these ones are more domesticated and don't try to bite you as much haha. I can't believe another year of school has ended, that means I've already been out of high school for a year, with 6 months in the field!.. weird.

Yeah, the dedication was super cool though and one of the members of the bishops family in San Lorenzo, Rosmari Vilche made and embroidered my name and the temple dedication on a handkerchief that I have now. Really cool recuerdo haha.

(I told Darren to keep working hard and stay busy with the work...) That's what I realized too, because a lot of missionaries make themselves miserable thinking of home. Of course I doze back into stuff like that, but I also didn't come out on a mission to feel sorry for myself and what I'm missing out on; I came out to serve. Of course there are bad days and of course there are times you want to go home, but the more you focus on your purpose in the mission instead of your purpose in your daily life, the better off you will feel and the more rewarding your experience will be. So yeah, I'm just going to put "mi hombro a la lid" because I didn't leave such an awesome family just so I could miss them, haha.

Anyway, I love you Dad, tell everyone I love them too. Keep working hard and focus on the important things! I'll write you next week!

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