30 March 2015

Burglarized...Real Experiences

29 MAR 2015

A few thoughts from Dad...

Having a son on a mission half way around the globe is an interesting experience.  It requires a healthy dose of faith on behalf of the parents.  We are incredibly proud of Darren's decision to serve others and fully supportive of the work he is doing to bring souls to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Brandee and I have sufficient faith that Darren is doing the right thing, that his mission experience will help him grow as a young man and that he will benefit personally through his service.  It does not however mean that we don't worry about him every day.

Today, we got some unsettling news that his pension (apartment) was burglarized.  He lost most of his belongings.  The hard part is trying to help him with this situation while he is 6,000 miles away from home.  The natural impulse as a parent is to step in and rescue him.  As I have thought about his situation, I realized that it is precisely these type of experiences that cause the growth.  He will have to work through this challenge without us being there to guide him.  

True to his personality, Darren seems to be taking it in stride. I am amazed at his positive attitude and great outlook on life.  Next time you see a Mormon Missionary, be nice to them.  They are far from home and likely have parents somewhere worrying about how their son/daughter is doing. - Dave

Hey Dad,

I hope you get this pretty quick so maybe I can tell you more about it, but our pension was robbed. They took our cameras, wallets, my i-pod, speaker, and a bunch of our clothes (our underwear, my church pants and they took my two luggage bags with ALL of my winter clothes) they even stole my toiletries :P weird. I have shirts and my suits and ties. The members are already helping us out with clothes and all kinds of stuff so don't worry I am fine. I'm not hurt or anything, it was when we were at a zone meeting.

What I need to tell you is that in my wallet were my cards, driver's license and passport copy so we need to cancel my card, the sooner the better. I don't know if I am transferring this week so I don't know how soon I will need new stuff but just focus on the card first and we will figure out the rest later. I'm not going to tell mom many details haha but just know that I am safe and that the members here take good care of the missionaries, and the mission office too! So I love you and I'm safe don't worry, I just might not be able to send pictures for a while haha. Talk to you tomorrow if not sooner.

Hi Mom,

Hey mom I'm doing good, I get to email you guys today because our pension got robbed and I need you guys to cancel the card. But I'm safe and I have my head up, you know me, I'm always smiling haha. I told Dad about some of the stuff they took and I don't know if I'll be able to talk more until tomorrow so just know that I'm safe and healthy and ALL the members are being super helpful! It literally could not have happened in a better place. I love you mom and I'll talk to you tomorrow. Tell everyone I'm good and say WAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPP haha I love you, talk to you later.

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