20 March 2015

The Work is Good!

16 MAR 2015

Hey Dad!

I can’t believe I’m already half way through my second transfer!  Thinking back on this week I feel like I wrote you guys only a couple of days ago…which I’m assuming is a good sign haha.  Last week on PDay after writing you guys, I got pretty sick.  It wasn't anything serious, it just wasn't fun :p  Anyway, as far as the work is going we had our correlación with President Lovell this week and they changed the schedule some.  Now in the morning after about 10:30 to lunch is purely for contacting!  So we’ve been walking a lot and finding a lot too! We found this family in the “Cuenta 15” (the barrio we didn’t enter before) and at first when we were walking up, you could tell they were thinking “Oh Bueno, Mormones…”  haha but after talking to them for about 20 minutes we ended up giving them a Book of Mormon and set a cita with them.  The Dad is Omar and the mom is Claudia, but I don’t think they are married.  They have 9 kids though!  When we had our first lesson with them we watched “Gracias a El” (Because of Him) and it was really good!  They both started reading the Book of Mormon with their family!  We have high hopes for them.

My mind has been kind of scattered because we have a lot of possibilities now.  We started teaching Ester again.  I committed her to prepare to be baptized and she agreed!  So we are going to try to work with her a lot again.  Another rule the President changed was that we don’t need investigators to attend church 3 times in a row, if the spirit says they are ready after attending once, then we go through with it!  We definitely have some good hopes for this area, the only problem is I might be leaving to a new area this transfer.  Three weeks is not a lot of time but we need to work and do what we can.  I just want to baptize someone haha.  Right now Agustina is closest I think but she still hasn’t attended church.  We went to her house yesterday morning to pick her up but she didn’t wake up… :/ but her cousin came with us that morning (he’s less active).  Ester and her husband and one of their children came too…so the work is good!

I did get presents for my birthday too.  Juan Claure bought me a wallet and Agustina bought me a shirt!  That was a nice surprise haha.  Anyway, I hope things are all good.  All of you guys are busy now with stuff, just remember to do the little things and everything will be good.  I love you guys and I wish the best for you all!  Talk to you later!

Birthday gifts from the locals...

Hey Mom!

So I told Dad most of the stories this week so I’ll just write you about how I’m doing.  I have been feeling a lot better this week.  About a week or two ago I decided to start rereading the Book of Mormon, I am currently in Helaman 6 which is a pretty good read for me haha, you know how I am with reading. :P  Anyway, reading has helped me push to work harder especially after reading the missionary stories of Alma, the sons of Mosiah, all those.  So yeah, we’ve been doing great.  I feel like I’m just as busy as all of you guys haha.  I also got a couple of presents for my birthday which was unexpected haha. 

I hope you guys are all doing good, I really don’t know what else to write about.  Oh, I got the birthday card you sent last week and I put that picture of Dad and Gunter on the wall haha.  Well I love you Mom, I hope you guys aren’t feeling too stressed or busy.  Just put church first and everything works out J.  I’ll write you soon Mom.

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