19 April 2015

A Much Better Week!...Pictures too.

13 APR 2015

Hey Mom!

So this has been a good week we are officially moved into the new pension, its in another area next to ours.  Now instead of a 5 minute walk to the church, it is about 30 minutes... but its a good pension! We have a pet cat haha, its the neighbors cat but he always comes into our pension. The only thing is that we didn't have a laundry machine, until now (we just got that today :P).  We're figuring it out. So as far as the work, we have a baptism this Saturday! Ester y Santiago are officially getting baptized. And with the familia Gutierrez, she's the woman who left, Claudia,  and she came back the other day! I guess all of the kids were missing her and one of them was praying that she would come back and it happened! We set a baptism for them on the 25th of this month. The only problem is that they aren't married but after all this he was thinking about it so there are good possibilities. Nestor though is totally converted, he asked us how to pray and he and Esefania need to get married too. (NO ONE IN ARGENTINA GETS MARRIED, except members) but we also participated in their baby´s blessing in church! He also has a fecha (date) for the 25th. We are definitely getting answers to our prayers.

Oh I also have to tell you, the Elders in the other end of our zone... found my drivers license! So you don't need to worry about that, I have no idea how it happened but I got it! Also I still have my retainer. And I am happy to hear you will send a camera, YAAAAY haha. I keep thinking "I should take a picture of this..... darn" haha but that will be nice.

Anyways, we have had a pretty good week. I can't remember too many stories, the weeks keep going by faster.. Oh haha I did watch a part of the first Ice Age movie at an investigators house.  There was the part that all of us watched as kids, kind of funny haha.  I love you Mom, I'll write you soon. Oh and I'm going to send pictures from Elder Villanueva´s camera :P, Bye Mom!

Hey Dad!

Ya we moved into the new pension, its not as nice as our old one but its still a lot nicer than most of the other ones I've seen! Its definitely a lot safer though! We have to walk pretty far though, usually about 40 minutes to an investigator.. but its all good. We have had A LOT of success this week, we have baptismal dates set for almost ALL of our investigadores, including Ester and Santiago this Saturday! So hopefully we will need to find new people like you were saying haha. I hope you're right about my Español haha it would be nice.  I have pictures from Villanueva´s camera so you have some stuff to put up.  I wish I had more to tell you but I don't remember much from this week :P I told mom too that I found my drivers license in the other end of the zone. Oh, also guess what? One of the zone leaders asked me to draw something to make t-shirts for the zone! (nothing that hasn't happened before haha) but I came up with a SUPER cool idea. I'm going to send it to you! So that could be super cool! Anyway, I love you Dad I'll talk to you soon!

Darren's draft t-shirt design for the zone!

Sharing the gospel

Visiting an Argentine family

Zone Meeting - Elder Sanchez, Elder Bramell, Elder Villanueva

Good to see Darren is still Darren

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Now THAT's a cake!

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