05 March 2015

A Birthday and Singed Eyebrows

02 MARCH 2015

Hey Mom!

This week is going to be a great week for the blog haha. So this was the first week with my new companion (Elder McCutchen), and we have been doing A LOT of contacting. He has been out only 8 and a hallf months but i learned that we both had Hermano Castro as a teacher in the MTC and President Doman as his branch president! Crazy right haha.

Anyway, we havent had too much success this week, we've been trying to find more investigadores but our citas (appointments) keep falling through, but what helped is I have just been thinking "its happening for a reason" Maybe someone else will be home at a sooner time or maybe we were kept safe, but nevertheless its helped. We're also hitting a stand still a little with Brandon.. he's reading what we give him but he's not praying, so with him its a little slower. Agustina is going good though. The other day we were talking to her and I guess her abuela died recently so its helped her have the desire to learn more and she's starting to attend activities with the help of Patricia (shes in her late 20's or so) shes a menos activo and its making her attend more! Win win situation! Other than that the work has slowed here in San lorenzo.. but... i have a few stories haha.

So, our apartment earlier this week had no hot water, so I went to the water heater and tried to relight the pilot light... the first try was a little unsuccessful.  I was careful but the instructions were in Spanish and I don't exactly have those words in my vocabulary... lol so the first time I ended up lighting the gas and it whooshed at my face.... I'm not hurt but I singed my eyelashes a little, my eyebrows a little, and a little of the edge of my hair. You can't tell at all though haha. My eyelashes are a little rough on the edges now haha. Plus... the second try I fixed it, and took a victory shower of hot water haha. And that was only Wednesday! On Friday we had Noche de hogar and I met a couple of the brand new, straight from the mtc Elders now in our zone and guess who one of them is..... TREVOR from RODIZIOS hahaha (Darren met Trevor by chance at a restaurant in Utah in November) how crazy is that! We met once, a week before I reported and now we are in the same zone! The best part is they can hardly speak Spanish and I got to comfort THEM about the language!!! Ever since that I've pretty much understood everything people have said in Spanish! 

And now for my Birthday... you don't need to worry about anything, the members here are the best! One of the anouncements in church.. was my B-DAY! haha. For lunch the familia jara gave us pudding and jello and after that the familia Ducardt gave us cupcakes. The flia Sanhuesa made me a birthday cake! It was super good! I have videos but I can't send them, the file is too big but I sent a bunch of pictures! Anyway, things are looking up. I feel really good and its great here. That about sums up my week so just know that I'm taken care of and that I love you and miss you guys! I'll write you soon!

Check out the name tag Grandma, you're in my world now!

19th Birthday - First one in South America

Elder Bramell's new companion from Las Vegas, Elder McCutcheon

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