29 March 2015

23 MAR 2015...The Work Progresses

23 MAR 2015

Hey Mom!

Well I have a lot to tell you this week, since last week there have been some good and bad moments.. so i'll just start with Tuesday. So Elder McCutcheon got sick this week and we were in the pension casi ALL day. It got to the point where I was so bored that I started to mop the floor! haha But at 8 that night we headed off to see Brandon... and afterward we decided that he wasn't progressing. We stop by every now and then but we stopped teaching him :/ One day he'll be ready, just not now unfortunately. Wednesday we went to the hospital pharmacy in the morning and we didn't do much else except talk to a menos activo and her non-member husband. They attended sacrament meeting a couple times already though so things are lookig good with them. We finished the day with our "obra misional" correlation. We fixed some stuff then changed our skit for the next "Noche de Talento" it turned out to be a better skit haha.

The next day we stayed in all morning because my companion was still sick but we were in the capilla most of the day. We had our district meeting then the obra misional met to practice our skit. (we re-enacted the story with Nephi retrieving the plates, but in a funny way) A little afterward we had our first real English class and we taught a few of the members (and Agustina y her sister) how to pray in English. It was actually really good, we officially announced it in sacrament this week so hopefully it will be more successful later on. We ended up finishing the night as we always do, PING PONG haha. Me and Villanueva were on a team. Friday we didn't do much either but the talent show. There weren't as many people or acts this time but the members liked it. All of us forgot our cameras though so we don't have pictures. I was Lemuel so I didn't have to say much but we did pretty good for last minute.

Saturday was great though! We started the day with Claudia (the "mom" of the family of 11) and we had a SUPER good lesson she was crying and telling us how much she wanted to change and be better and it was awesome. Then at lunch we were at the Flia Sanhuesa and they had a bunch of family over and we ate a TON. We had asado (carne asada) and chorizo, and empenadas and pizza and cake. I was just loving it haha. Their house was full of family and it was super fun. By the time we left we had time to go change and meet the other Elders for service at a member's house until the end of the day. She made us some more food with a hot sauce, which apparently was super hot but it wasn't bad (ever since I ate that habanero pepper I have a high tolerance haha). Elder McCutcheon said that Elder Villanueva and I have our own language and its kind of true haha, Villanueva said, "Its because I didn't know English and he didn't know Spanish so we had to haha. Then finally Sunday, none of the investigatores came to church.. but it went well. We ended up visiting Juan and we were talking forever haha but that's about all of this week, it went by SO fast! I don't know how that works. Anyway, I hope you guys are all doing well and I love you and i'll write you soon!

Hey Dad,

I pretty much exhausted my letter to mom this week, but there really isn't much to tell about the area. Most of the roads are dirt and about half of our area is in the ghetto. As far as my feelings... I'm feeling tired but good I feel like every time you feel low on your mission there is something that happens, Whether in your studies or with an investigadore that just gives you the drive to finish the week. That's how it all works. I've learned more specifically that God will only help US do the work. Granted that can be easier at some points than at others but the idea is the same.

I told mom a lot about how my companion is sick and that is the worst... you can't leave or go buy food (which we have none) and you just have to wait. but that's when you are able to do more study and learn more about the scriptures and yourself and there is always something new to learn. By the way, you guys should pay close attention to this conference...I have had this feeling that something about it will be special, I don't know. Anyway, we hope to baptize both Ester and Agustina so if you guys could pray for them it would help a lot, I only have so much faith unfortunately :P but it is these experiences that make them grow right? So that's about the thoughts I've had this week, Oh and I also finished the Book of Mormon on Wednesday... That is a good way to have better views on everything... Well I love you dad and tell everyone I've watched "Were brothers forever" for them haha!


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