02 January 2015

New Year and Preparing to Leave

01 JAN 2015 - New Year's Day

Hi Mom,

Thanks for sending the pictures! I got the Christmas package you sen the day after Christmas because the mail room was closed, so it wasn't your guy's fault :P  Anyway, I'm glad things are going so well! Spencer told me he's getting braces next week! He seemed a little worried about it, haha. Well hopefully I can catch you, but if not oh well, just know that I am doing awesome! And you guys should be too, I pray for you guys all the time too.  We talked a lot about setting goals this week since its the new year so just tell everyone that this year, we follow through!

So obviously we have been having a lot of lessons.  One of our teachers was our "investigator" and he was poor with a drug problem so he couldn't "pay the electricity bills" so we taught the entire lesson in the dark.  Obviously we couldn't read anything but we followed the spirit well and I felt like I was talking the most but it was awesome.

We have grown super close and we joke around all the time.  We got to host yesterday and at the training meeting Elder Lyman saw dried chocolate on his sleeve and did one of those quiet screams and we all started busting out laughing haha.  Its just one of those things where you had to be there I guess.

Anyway, we got ANOTHER district yesterday!  It has four more Elders and four more Hermanas.  They are kind of quiet but awesome too, I know we were all the same way at first.  Well that is the highlight of this week so far.  I can't believe it is already the 5th week!  Anyway, hopefully you get this soon, I love you Mom!

Darren's District with the Argentine Flag

Fun in the snow

Not as much fun in the rain...well except for Elder Bramell.
Hanging in the laundry room on a Personal "P" Day.

How did Darren find so many people as cheesy as he is?

Elder Bramell excelling in the "light saber" portion of his training.

02 JAN 2015 - We Are Go for Launch!

It takes several months for missionaries traveling to South America and particularly Argentina to receive the necessary visa to proselyte.  Darren is required to obtain a passport, visa and FBI clearance prior to traveling.  It is not uncommon for missionaries serving in South America to be delayed while visas are processed.  Some wait several months and end up serving state-side for a while before receiving the necessary clearance. We began this process back in August 2014.  We had concerns that paperwork could delay Darren's departure date.  It looks as though, he will be leaving as planned.  I knew with Brandee as his mother, all paperwork was going to be in order!

Darren writes:  Just a heads up, we got our travel itineraries so we are leaving the 12th for Argentina! 

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