26 January 2015

"Capilla Abierta" aka Open Chapel

26 JAN 2015

Hey Mom!

I know it is a lot later than last week but I don't think we have scheduled times; it is just kind of when we get around to it. Anyway, I realized that my letter last week wasn't all too positive so I'll let you know some of those shortly, haha.

Well yes we are in a very poor area, I have been told multiple times that this area is the poorest and most dangerous in the mission. Needless to say, I don't ever take my camera out because of that, so if you want to post pictures of the area I would go to the Lovell's Blog and look up San Lorenzo, Neuquen Central as the zone. In general I feel better about the language, and as of today our two districts have a total of 15 baptismal dates, about half and half! So the work is going great!

As far as day to day it is all walking and teaching. The days blend together really easy. Today has been good though, we played futbol as a zone and I was actually able to make a few goals (the more we played of course). After that we walked to McDonald's! It was pretty far and it was in a mall so I kinda felt like I was in the States again, haha. I ordered a "triple mac" which they obviously don't have in the U.S. I was glad to be eating something other than rice with a really thin steak (that is the typical meal topped with mayo/mustard mix). Don't get me wrong, it is good, but we eat that a lot. We drink juice all the time too! So I haven't had to use my filtered water bottle. I have felt good with the food and all.

The other day we had a "Capilla Abierta" or an "Open Chapel" and Elder Villanueva and I ran the baptismal portion. We basically teach about baptism for 5 minutes to a group of people, members and investigators. It is a way to get a lot more investigators or spark more interest in the church. Its pretty cool! The church is testing these out in a few missions before making it a normal thing.

Anyway, that is basically the highlights of the week. I don't know if I can send pictures from this particular computer but I'll try, if not expect them next week I guess. I love you Mom and tell everyone else I love them too!

Hey Dad!

I definitely had a better week (better, not easier). I have been working already on praying more sincerely. It's hard not to be repetitive! Especially when you want the same things for the same people but I know when we pray for specific things, God gives us specific blessings. I told Mom about the "Capilla Abierta" we had. It was a really cool experience. We taught about baptisms to groups of people at a time and it was me and Elder Villanueva (one of the Spanish speaking Elders in that original group). It was the part where we were supposed to reel them in haha. We wore our baptismal clothes and I realized I didn't get shoes so I'll have to order some, and some knew white socks too haha.

Well, I'm glad to hear that no one has forgotten about me back home haha. I love you Dad. I pray for you guys too. I'll talk to you next week, and thanks for the pep talk, they do help haha.

Typical house in Barrio San Lorenzo

Neighborhood street in Barrio San Lorenzo

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