13 January 2015

Last Week in the MTC

Elder Bramell had a great last week in the MTC.  We are grateful that he had such wonderful companions while in the MTC.  This group of missionaries really hit it off.

He left today for Argentina.  He was able to travel with his District to Buenos Aires.  From there, 3 missionaries are headed to Posadas, while 4 missionaries (including Darren) are headed to Neuquen. Their trip included an approximate 3+ hour flight to Atlanta from SLC.  From Atlanta they embarked on a 9+ hour flight to Buenos Aires.  He should arrive by 3:30 a.m. (PST) or 8:30 a.m. Argentina time.  From there he has more travel to the Mission Home in Neuquen.  We can't believe our son is actually in South America!  We hope to hear from him soon.

Wearing the ties and matching scarves Brandee bought/made for them.

Screen shot of Elder Bramell's actual flight over Bolivia and Paraquay

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  1. Yayayya so excited to see pictures and hear about all the people he is teaching!