18 December 2014

Helping Others & D's District

Hey mom! I don't get it until I leave (his passport and visa), I'm not sure where it is. Anyway, I have A LOT to tell you haha. First off, we had our first snow a few days ago and it was pretty awesome, it wasn't a lot but I totally caught a snowflake haha. So today we just got a new district, TEN elders! Being the zone presidents, Elder Lyman and I conducted a meeting with them just getting to know them and they are all super cool, I can already tell they are going to be awesome missionaries. Also I want to tell you guys about what happened last night, there has been this Elder, Elder Smoot, and he has been incredibly stressed and he had a panic attack yesterday. He told us he felt like he should go home even though he wanted to stay. We probably talked with him for an hour and the spirit totally took over. Elder Russell actually just opened a Christmas present of a miniature statue of Jesus from the visitors center and when we were talking to Elder Smoot, I pointed to it and Elder Russell gave it to him. After he left  I read your guys' letter and literally both of you talked about helping others that day. There is literally no way you guys could have known about Elder Smoot, but God did. And the craziest part is that literally AS I was typing this, Elder Smoot walked by the computer room and we said hi and he showed us that he had the figurine. I know part of the reason we were assigned here is so we could help him. You could share this story on the blog if you guys want to :P  Well I thought I would share that with you and let you know I'm doing great! I'm going to send a few pictures if I can so you'll see the faces with the names (see below). So I'll just end with I love all you guys and the church is true!

I Love you guys!

~Elder Darren Bramell~
L-R: Elder Russell, Elder Lyman & Elder Bramell - Provo, UT Temple

L-R: Elder Bramell, Elder Russell, Elder Lyman, Hermana Marivan, Hermana Woolf, Hermana Jones, Hermana Webb

Fun in the MTC

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  1. Love him, he was born to be a leader! He is so good looking!