15 January 2015

Arriving in Neuquén

14 JAN 2015

Hey Mom! Sorry I didn't call yesterday, we were going to call from the Atlanta airport but literally none of the pay phones worked, so I couldn't call.  I can't talk long but the Mission President is letting everyone email once today to let our families know we are doing alright.

So yes I'm in Argentina and I'm doing good.  I'm not too overwhelmed yet haha.  We were traveling yesterday for over a day total, including 6 hours of layovers, but it is all going really well.  We split into groups and spent the night with other missionaries, which btw we didn't have water so I'm wearing a lot of deodorant right now haha.  Anyway, I think our P-day is Monday so I'll tell you more about it then.  I love you and make sure to let everyone know how I'm doing!  I'll talk to you soon!

25 new missionaries arrive in Neuquén, Argentina - Presidente Peron International Airport

Meeting Mission President Lovell

Headed to the Mission Home!

First dinner in Argentina - Empanadas

Not much rest...right to business.

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