08 December 2014

Darren reports to the MTC!

3 DEC 2014 - Darren reported to the Provo Missionary Training Center (MTC) on Wednesday.  We were fortunate enough to spend an entire week together as a family in preparation for Darren's departure.  The car ride to the MTC was a quiet one.  We arrived at the MTC and assembled in a park across the street.  Several missionaries and their families were also in the park taking photos and saying their goodbyes.  Families were clinging to the last precious moments with their Elder or Sister while smiling through wet eyes and tear stained cheeks.  Darren was able to have his Mom, Dad, brothers Curtis, Jaxson and Spencer, Grandma & Grandpa Johnson, Aunt Jenny, and his cousins Danicia, Ryan, Trent and Carson see him off.  In typical Bramell family style, we even manged to get in a funny face photo or two.  We concluded our time in the park with a family prayer.

     After saying our goodbyes in the park, one car load of us took the short drive across the street to the MTC.  We were directed to drop off Elder Bramell and all of his belongings for the next two years along the curbside.  We were greeted by a young Elder who made sure Darren surrendered his cell-phone (he still had it in his pocket).  Darren received hugs from everyone again, motherly and fatherly words of encouragement were given and off he went.  He turned back one time, gave us a smile and wave and entered the building.  As Darren walked away, he exhibited confidence, walked with purpose and a smile on his face.  In that moment, I was overcome with the feeling that Darren is ready to learn, ready to experience this adventure and ready to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Godspeed my son, see you in two years.

See you in two years Elder Bramell!



  1. Darren's time in the MTC is going to be amazing! His whole mission will be! We are so happy for him, you guys too. He will be blessed eternally and so will all of you because of his service! Love you guys!

    The Burden's

  2. Love this blog! So beautifully written. Had some tears, and the last photo is my Fav. 😭