11 December 2014

Darren's First Letters Home - Life in the MTC

Letter to Mom - 11 DEC 2014

Hi Mom! So I guess our P-day is on THURSDAY about this time after our temple session, which btw the Celestial room had the same chandelier as the Timpanogos temple.  In case you haven't gotten my letter yet (which we hardly have time to do) I'll try to answer some of your questions.  So first off I just want to make sure everyone knows I'm happy!  I literally feel like I have grown 1000x in the spirit.  We are busy ALL day but it's a good kind of busy.  After only a day or two we started teaching with our companions...CRAZY right?  And before I get any further I am in a trio so I have TWO companions!  Elder Russell from Idaho and Elder Lyman from Utah. We all get along super well, mostly because we have the same sense of humor haha.  We have all watched those Batman videos (youtube) so we spend a good amount of the day talking like Batman, lol.

Oh another crazy thing is our district has us and 4 Hermanas (and our whole district is going to Posadas Argentina or Neuquen).  Now after less than a week, all the other districts in our zones have left on their missions and so we are the only ones left.  Until today, us Elders were the only ones in our entire hall.  Our Branch President said he has never had to call us to be branch presidents so early.  It made me think of my Patriarchal Blessing where it said I would be effective early on in my mission.  It just testifies to me that Heavenly Father REALLY does love each and every one of us and he wants to help us all.

Well I'm going to try to get to other emails too so I'll write you back soon.  One last thing...I can roll my Rs (Darren never could roll his Rs) when saying it in a word now haha.  I've learned a ton, I can pray in Spanish, bear my testimony in Spanish and we've given like 5 different lessons all in Spanish! Que Bendicion! That means, "What a Blessing!"

I'm sure I'll write you soon! I love you Mom! Tell everyone I said I love them too!

Love, ~Elder Darren Bramell~

Letter to Dad - 11 DEC 2014

I don't have much time to write but it is seriously AMAZING here you literally feel the spirit 24/7.  It is practically class after class after class, but we are learning a ton!  I'm in a trio so I have 2 companions named Elder Russell and Elder Lyman.  We all have that same sense of humor which is good, so that helps haha.  We've all seen the Batman and Bad Lip Reading videos so whenever we need a break we start talking like Batman, lol.  So obviously Thursday is our P-day and I already wrote you guys a letter but idk when it will get there.

So how's being the Fire Chief?  I have a hunch we are feeling a lot of the same feelings.  I just thought I would share you a quote from one of our devotionals.  I sent it to Mom so she could tell you too but it went like this..."God won't move mountains for you, but he will give you the strength to climb".

My testimony has literally grown 100x and I can already pray, bear testimony and give lessons in Spanish!  We're actually inviting one person to be baptized today at our lesson.  So I know things are tough but we just need to have the fe y diligencia, y Padre Celestial Bedicirimos nosotros.

I'll talk to you soon Dad, a lot of what I wrote in Mom's first email was for everyone so I got to go now.  I love you guys a ton and I know God will help us when we are struggling at this time.  Again, I love you Dad and you are a huge role model for me, I know you can do anything, haha.

~Elder Darren Bramell~

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  1. Totally made me cry. I knew he would be great but hearing it is just pure exciting! I love him! I can't wait to hear more of his experiences and blessing.