01 November 2015

Noche de Hogar - 26 OCT 2015

26 OCT 2015

Hey Everyone! I don't have much time to write but I have a lot to say!

So I'll just hit the highlights...

So this Wednesday we went to visit "L" and we ended up getting invited in by her parents! We talked for a while and "L" asked if we could do a Noche de hogar (Family Home Evening) and so we taught Lesson 1 to the whole family! They are so cool and I don't know how much it has affected them but the spirit was there and there was definitely a growing curiosity...

Then this Friday we found a man named Jonathan and he ended up finding us in the street the other day asking us to come over. So we went over that day and he told us that he was an inactive member and that he needed our help to get him back to church. I asked him how he wanted us to help. And he just said, I just want to hear what you have to say Elder. So we had a super spiritual lesson, we gave blessings to him and his daughter, and I dedicated his house, that was pretty sweet haha. He told us that we helped him a lot, more than he realized. So it was awesome.... The only problem is that he is in the other ward haha. But still it was great.

Those were the two miracles that happened this week, the rest has just been day to day working in the vineyard. Oh yeah! I forgot to mention that before we visited "L" and her family we were with another inactive member who was a little bit drunk I think. But we had a good lesson and we gave him a Book of Mormon. When I told him that it was free I thought he went to give me a hug.... But gave me a wet kiss on the cheek haha! That was interesting!

Fun...I wish I had more time, but it happens. Just know that there a some miracles happening and lives are changing. Thanks for all your support I love you all!! Talk to you all later!!!
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