01 November 2015

A Positive Week and A Service Project - 12 OCT 2015

12 OCT 2015

Hey everyone!

Sorry for writting so late today! We did service laying down some cement then went to lunch with the zone before I finally got the chance to write but I'm here now!

This week has been really great, I think the highlights were this weekend...

So this last Friday we had our meeting with Presidente in Villa Regina (normally we do that here but he wanted to mix things up I guess haha) so we left in the morning on the bus and headed there most of the day! It Was super awesome! Presidente is super inspired! He talked a lot about working with members and as a mission we have been sharing the first vision with a lot of the members in quick little visits and it is helping a lot! We are seeing a lot more unity in the ward! There were definitely some things Presidente talked about that were meant for me...so that was great!

Then the next day, the other Elders had a baptism... and of course our investigators had to go, so we ended up taking "L" with us and she liked it a lot! We ended up meeting her Dad too and we got to talking a bit afterward. He invited us to come over one weekend to eat an asado (which they don't do ALL the time haha) Elder Bush and I are really excited to start talking with their whole family! It will help a lot with them and we've just been thinking that they will be sealed! I would just die of joy haha, it can definitely happen! The next day we were even able to take her to church and she liked all of it! It was a super successful weekend. PLUS Hno Caram dropped some cane on the men for not doing home teaching and it has helped a lot!

Presidente Casariego talked a lot about changing the wards where we are and I can definitely see that now...

I am super pumped and even though we haven't convinced L's parents completely yet, I've been praying a lot that she will be able to convince them this transfer.. I'm following the confirmation I got in that family home evening... And also Presidente's advice that if we want to have miracles we need to trust in God and do ALL of our part (which means obedience with exactness).

I wish I could write more but I'm technically past P-day already haha, but I love you all a ton and I wish you all the BEST week! Talk to you soon!

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