01 October 2015

Old Friends and New Investigators - 7 SEP 2015

7 SEP 2015

Hey Everyone!

This has been a really great week!

Basically, it started with this past Wednesday, when we had the meeting in Neuquen with Elder Teixeira of the 70! He did a super awesome job and I was feeling motivated, he said a few things that I know I needed to hear. We also ran into a bunch of people I knew! I finally talked to Hna Jones from my district! haha. Its super crazy because her and Hermana Webb are now officially COUNTING DOWN their mission haha. That's still crazy to me! I also ran into Elder McCutcheon! We were talking for a while and guess who showed up... Cintia and Silvina Vilche from San Lorenzo! It was Sweet! Cintia is supposed to report to the MTC THIS Wednesday! She's going to Columbia on her mission! The funny thing is that I will only be home 2 transfer before she goes home haha. That was super fun though and we definitely learned a lot! 

After we got back, we arrive just in time for futbol in the capilla and the guy we met, "F", was there. This past Saturday we taught him lesson 1 and he already believes it all! He told us "You know, I always thought that there should be more than just the Old and New Testament. (LDS consider both the Bible and Book of Mormon to be scripture) God wouldn't change suddenly" and he said the same thing about prophets! He just wants to start reading the Book of Mormon so we are pumped!

This Thursday, turned out SUPER good! (coincidentally on my 9 months haha) we ended up finding 7 more people to teach, and by that I mean really teach! Not just some people that might be investigators! Some were references, and some we found but we have a lot to do now :D

Friday we went to the Chinese food restaurant because our wards went to the temple and no one had lunch. It was a little trucho haha but it was nice to not have to cook something, and it was a buffet! I did end up eating that prawn though haha it was only meh, but it was all pretty decent, plus we got a few more references out of it (from people who worked there).

Saturday was when we visited "F" and a little later we played basketball with a few future investigators, including "F", the cook from the Chinese restaurant and his friend! It was fun to play a sport OTHER than futbol and I was getting on a roll! I had a few 3 pointers going haha. Anyway we ended up visiting "X" that night and he was SOOOOO much better! He is a lot calmer he isn't mad anymore, he stopped smoking and has been reading the Book of Mormon! He moved some of his stuff into the pension too so he is feeling a lot better. He also might have a job soon. He told us that he is just accepting God's will now..FINALLY :P  He wants to make lunch for us and future missionaries to repay how much we've helped him... he really has changed his life for the better.

Well that's about it this week, I'm feeling a lot happier now. Thanks for always writing and I hope you have a great week and an awesome time in the temple! I love you all, talk to you soon!
Now THAT is a prawn!

Hermana Webb, Hermana Jones & Elder Bramell

Elder Bramell, Elder McCutcheon & Elder Coyle

Reunited with friends from his first area in Neuquen

Elder Sanchez and Elder Bramell

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